Are Florida Legislators ‘Traitors’ in Medical Marijuana Fight?

Joe Redner joined fill-in host Corey Dylan and LT Lafferty to discuss his fight to obtain medical marijuana in Florida. Redner is the owner of the Mons Venus, a nude strip club in Tampa, Florida and has been in the marijuana legal battle for some time.  In the interview, Redner called Florida legislators “traitors”, fed up with debate and inaction on an issue that has been voted on by the public.

Redner has a long history in the Tampa business community, and he has dealt with the Florida legislators many times.  In this contentious issue, he could not be more upset with the performance of our representatives in Tallahassee, as constant complications muddy the waters on this new legislation.

The regulations around medicinal marijuana are constantly changing, and it is leading to a lot of confusion between counties, municipalities and those who have had the drug prescribed to them.  Last year the legislature pushed back against allowing smoking medical marijuana, and there have been more complications since.

Listen below.