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Florida Business News

6 Things To Have In Mind When Registering A New Company

How are new companies typically registered? In the United States, new businesses are typically registered at the state level. The first step is to choose...

Now Is The Time For Management To Stimulate The Work force

Now is the time for some imaginative management techniques to motivate the work force now more than ever before in the year 2019

Clearwater Redefines Relationship Between City and Tourists

In Clearwater, the Regional Chamber of Commerce is doing its best to change that relationship. The things that people plan trips down to Clearwater to see are hoping the longtime residents will come in and check out what has changed over the years.

Push Button Grievances – Your Pet Peeves Resolved

I find it interesting how people tend to have knee-jerk reactions to certain things. It’s kind of like a Pavlovian response we turn to...
Apple Showcase

In Line Yet? Apple Unveils Bigger, Pricier iPhone

Apple unveiled three new iPhones on Wednesday, including its biggest and most expensive model yet, as the company seeks to widen the product's appeal amid slowing sales.

Uncommon Business Sense In Business

Common Sense: Lead by example. Never ask someone to do something you are not prepared to do yourself. This will earn you the respect of your workers.
Mortgage Rates

RE/MAX Bay to Bay Acquires Riverview Real Estate Brokerage

RE/MAX Bay to Bay, a member of Ramos Companies, announced today that they have entered an agreement to acquire Belle Maison Realty. Belle Maison Realty of Riverview, FL.

Business: Some guidelines for making your meetings meaningful.

Remarkably, there are a lot of people who don't understand the basics of running a productive meeting, hence the problem as exemplified by Martin's movie. There is nothing magical about conducting a good meeting. It just requires a little preparation, along with some leadership and structure during its execution.

Digital Divide – Who Does it Hurt and Who Does it...

What is emerging is a new “digital divide” among the generations whereby Generation Z is losing the sense of how to use a simple keyboard and mouse. Consequently, the use of such things as spreadsheets and other programs designed around the keyboard and mouse are becoming nebulous concepts. For example, they are at a loss as to entering data or formulas into a cell in a spreadsheet.


The following is the ten most popular myths in the field. Obviously, it is not all inclusive. It is simply the ten most commonly used. Let's look past the facade of each of these for a moment and see what they really mean.