Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Florida News: CNN

Watch the Senate Trial of the Impeachment of President Trump stating...


Andrew Gillum Has A Couple Of New Jobs CNN And Harvard

Gillum was a frequent guest on both CNN and MSNBC while he was running against DeSantis, who was a Fox New star throughout the campaign.

Marc Caputo, Apology Unnecessary

I feel a little disheartened that Caputo, one of the fairest and most well-respected reporters by Democrats and Republicans alike in Florida, is taking a battlefield of flack from faux-outraged Republicans -- generally my ideological brethren who I thought understood and appreciated the meaning of free speech under the First Amendment.

Is CNN “The Enemy Of The People”? It began at the Trump Rally this past Tuesday in Tampa. I was covering the rally as part of the press corps for News Talk Florida. A...

Florida Talk Show Host Rick Wiles “We Are 72 Hours Away...

As many of you know both Maddow and Cooper are openly gay and Wiles feels they are the leaders of what he says will be a left-wing coup hell-bent on killing President Trump and his family.

Is CNN ‘Out to Get’ Conservatives?

CNN has come under fire during the Trump Administration as a frequent target for the president's ire at what he dubs "fake news."  The cable network, a pioneer in television news, has few conservative voices, but one stands out in frequent political contributor Steve Cortes. 

Bubba the Love Sponge Finds Himself In A Political Discussion

Interview with Stormy Daniels getting attention Disclaimer:  Bubba The Love Sponge airs on AM 820 News and 98.3 FM Pinellas County.  These stations are owned...

Audio: Florida Live with Dan Maduri on Stephen Miller’s Recent...

Florida Live's host discusses the relationship between the White House and CNN When President Trump's senior adviser for policy, Stephen Miller, went on Jake Tapper's...

TV correspondents face danger they told others to avoid

It’s a paradox of hurricane coverage: people on television spend days warning the public to get out of harm’s way, then station their correspondents squarely in the middle of howling wind and rain and hope they don’t get hurt.

Retracted CNN story a boon for President Trump’s war with media

For a president seemingly at perpetual war with “fake news,” the resignation of three CNN journalists over a retracted story about a Donald Trump Russian connection is a gift from the political gods at a time the struggling effort to repeal Obamacare dominates the headlines. Trump quickly took advantage with a series of tweets on Tuesday, and conservative provocateur James O’Keefe piled on by releasing a video with a CNN producer caught on camera talking about the network’s Russian coverage being ratings-driven.
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