Andrew Gillum Has A Couple Of New Jobs CNN And Harvard

Andrew Gillum now part of CNN AP-PHOTO


Much has been made by conservatives of CNN announcing that they have hired Former Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee as a political commentator. Everyone knows he lost a very close governor’s race to his Republican challenger and President Donald Trump supporter, and former Congressman Ron DeSantis.

Conservatives were quick to point out that Florida’s ethics commission last Friday said there’s probable cause that Gillum violated the state’s ethics law but Gillum has insisted he’s done nothing wrong and is challenging the decision.

That will work this out over 2019 and a court will likely decide if Gillum is innocent or guilty. But until that time he has a right to make a living.

Gillum was a frequent guest on both CNN and MSNBC while he was running against DeSantis, who was a Fox New star throughout the campaign. Gillum was seen as someone with real star power as one of the young Democratic Party liberals who excited party activists nationally. Gillum hasn’t ruled out another run for office and has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump.

Before conservative’s get too smug let’s talk a bit about Sarah Palin. Yes, the same person who once said that she could see ‘Russia from her backyard.”

During her 2011 “Bus tour of America,” she was in Boston where in front of a crowd of lifelong New Englander’s when decided to offer a history lesson.

According to Palin, Revere rode on horseback and “warned, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those church bells.”

As most American school kids know, Revere actually rode from Boston to Lexington warning the COLONISTS that the British Army was marching in their direction. More specifically, Revere was hoping to give advance notice of the Army’s movements to John Hancock and Samuel Adams, among other members of the key founders would have been taken prisoner by those British soldiers who were coming ashore in Boston Harbor.

Meanwhile, Gillum picked up another good resume builder, when earlier this month, the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School announced he would be a 2019 resident fellow during the spring semester.

Despite these two new gigs’ looking good on the resume, they aren’t likely to pay the bills. So, look for the former Tallahassee mayor to find a few other ways to earn a living while keeping a high profile for perhaps a rematch with DeSantis in a few years.

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