Florida Talk Show Host Rick Wiles “We Are 72 Hours Away From An Attack On The White House.”

This week on our, “How crazy can the far right conspirator’s get?” we feature Florida’s own Rick Wiles, the host of the TruNews radio program. He is warning his listeners that in about 72 hours a revolution led by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who he says will lead an attack by the left that will do battle with Secret Service agents on the lawn of the White House in hopes of attacking President Donald Trump.

As many of you know both Maddow and Cooper are openly gay and Wiles feels they are the leaders of what he says will be a left-wing coup hell-bent on killing President Trump and his family. Wiles owns the TruNews Broadcasting & Media Production Company in Vero Beach and has a long history of being both anti-Semitic as well homophobic.

Here is a little taste of Wiles own brand of crazy is pushing.

“America, you’ve been homosexualized. You’ve been Jewdy-ized. I’m just telling it how it is,” Wiles told viewers. “She was spewing out, last night, calls for revolution. She was telling the left, ‘Take a deep breath, we’re at the moment, it’s coming, we’re almost there, we’re going to remove him from the White House.’ We’re about 72 hours — possibly 72 hours — from a coup.

“Be prepared that you’re going to turn on the television and see helicopters hovering over the roof of the White House with men clad in black rappelling down ropes, entering into the White House. Be prepared for a shootout in the White House as Secret Service agents shoot commandos coming in to arrest President Trump.”

“That is how close we are to a revolution. Be prepared for a mob — a leftist mob — to tear down the gates, the fence at the White House and to go into the White House and to drag him out with his family and decapitate them on the lawn of the White House,” Wiles said.

I will keep you posted on if and when Cooper and Maddow attack the White House. See you next with more right-wing theories.


Jim Williams is the Washington Bureau Chief, Digital Director as well as the Director of Special Projects for Genesis Communications. He is starting his third year as part of the team. This is Williams 40th year in the media business, and in that time he has served in a number of capacities. He is a seven time Emmy Award winning television producer, director, writer and executive. He has developed four regional sports networks, directed over 2,000 live sporting events including basketball, football, baseball hockey, soccer and even polo to name a few sports. Major events include three Olympic Games, two World Cups, two World Series, six NBA Playoffs, four Stanley Cup Playoffs, four NCAA Men’s National Basketball Championship Tournaments (March Madness), two Super Bowl and over a dozen college bowl games. On the entertainment side Williams was involved s and directed over 500 concerts for Showtime, Pay Per View and MTV Networks.