Business Owner Ardian Zika Seeks House Of Representative Seat

Republican business owner and Pasco Tampa Bay banker Ardian Zika is seeking election to the Florida House of Representatives, District 37 seat.

“I’m the product of American exceptionalism and I, like you, am working tirelessly in pursuit of the American Dream,” said Ardian Zika in a press release.

Zika is President & CEO of Guardian & Company I, LLC., which is a strategic business advisory practice that specializes in small and medium size, privately held and publicly traded commercial and industrial middle market companies.

Before founding Guardian & Company I, LLC, Zika was a Senior Vice President and Vice President in the banking industry for 14 years.

In 1997 Zika immigrated to the United States from Kosovo, leaving behind civil conflict and political turmoil.

“As an American, that started my journey as an immigrant, I’m very thankful to our veterans and those who have come before – sacrificing so much – to protect and preserve for us the gift of a lifetime… the gift of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’,” said Zika in a press release.

Today he holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Leo University. During his time at Louisiana Tech, he was elected to the Student Senate, served as Student Government Executive Vice-President, and more.

After college Zika was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Florida Council on Homelessness, the Pasco Hernando State College Board of Trustees and the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors. He was also selected by the Tampa Bay Business Journal to receive the 40 Under 40 Up and Comer Award.

“I’m running for the Florida House of Representatives to serve our community. I pledge to work tirelessly so that no Floridian is left behind as they embark on their journey toward the American Dream,” said Zika in a press release.

Zika has also served on the Pasco Education Foundation Board of Directors, Tampa-Hillsborough Economic Development Council Task Force on International Trade, and more boards.

“Our campaign puts Floridians First, so each one has an opportunity to reach the American Dream through upward economic mobility. I’ll champion bold and visionary ideas to unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and transform our community. As your State Representative, I’ll fight for lower taxes, less regulation, and more personal responsibility and to protect our constitutional rights.’

“I believe Pasco County’s best days are still ahead. If you believe as I do, I invite you to join me, as together, we work to build a better and brighter future for our children and grandchildren.”