Ardian Zika Endorsed By Marco Rubio For Florida House

‘Fresh and unique perspective’ says Rubio

Ardian Zika, the Republican candidate in the race for the Florida House of Representatives for district 37, has already garnered a number of endorsements in his bid to replace the term-limited Richard Corcoran. On Friday, Zika picked up his biggest yet when US Senator Marco Rubio endorsed him in his race against Democrat Tammy Garcia.

Zika is the President and CEO of Guardian Street, LLC., a strategic business advisory practice specializing in small and medium size commercial and industrial middle market companies. He won the Republican nomination for Corcoran’s seat after defeating both Elle Rudisill and Ryan Patrick Boney in the Republican primary in August.

The Senator said of Zika that “Ardian Zika will bring a fresh and unique perspective to the Florida House of Representatives.” Rubio added that “Ardian’s past experience as a banker will help Florida continue to be a leader in economic growth and fiscal health. His deep, personal commitment to our country’s founding principles of freedom and liberty will ensure Floridians have a state representative who will uphold our Constitution and its promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“I am honored and humbled to have the endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio,” said Zika. “Senator Rubio has been a compassionate, conservative champion for Floridians, both as a leader in the Florida House of Representatives and now as Florida’s Senator. I am grateful to his service to our state and his endorsement and support this election.”

District 37 for the Florida House of Representatives includes Land O’ Lakes, Odessa, and nearby towns.  The seat, which had been occupied by Republican Richard Corcoran, is up for grabs in 2018 as Corcoran’s term limit is up.

Election day is November 6. You can find your polling place here.