Where Do You Stand On Florida’s Gubernatorial Race?

Just over a week before the election

November 6 is getting closer and closer, and as election season heats up voters all over Florida are coming to a decision about who to vote for in important races.

At News Talk Florida, we’d like to hear from you on the matter.  Introducing the News Talk Florida Poll, our regular check-in to see what you, the audience, think about the important topics that impact Florida every day.

Today, with the election rapidly approaching, we are interested in where you stand on our state’s gubernatorial election.  As Governor Rick Scott prepares to leave office after two terms, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Congressman Ron DeSantis are locked in a tight race for the opening in the Governor’s Mansion.  The two have both made their cases over a long campaign that started with a crowded Democratic primary and a tightly-fought Republican primary.  As it comes time to make a decision, we would like to offer you a warm-up.

With apologies to third-party and independent candidates, we are limiting this to the two frontrunners in the election.  There are several independent candidates running, along with a candidate from the Reform Party.  You can learn more about these candidates here.

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