Zika Seeks to Enable Floridians to Achieve the American Dream and Fulfill Their God Given Potential


Today Representative Ardian Zika spoke to News Talk Florida from Tallahassee about a new piece of legislation that he introduced that would keep his promise to focus on higher education for students in Florida.

He introduced HB 189 to establish early college program for high schools and state colleges. Zika was excited about his proposed legislation and he hopes to get plenty of bipartisan support for the revolutionary proposal.

“This legislation is a pro-American Dream bill, that places Floridians First and lowers the cost of higher education. We must also redefine what educated means. Life and experience, mixed with talent, is an education unto itself. Who is smarter, the person in the building or the person who built it? The truth is the American Dream is the birthright of every Floridian, paid for by those who gave the last full measure of devotion. This bill is a step in that direction.”

So, what does HB 189 do?

Provides for establishment of Early College Program for High Schools and State Colleges, Provides an additional weighted FTE of 1.0 EC program that completes graduates a student with a Associates Degree.

Provides clarification that students enrolled in Private school student’s tuition and textbooks fee exempt.

Background & Why ‐‐‐‐‐

Research demonstrates that students who enter a structured Early College program, different than traditional dual enrollment, are more likely to complete high school, enroll in postsecondary education, and complete postsecondary education. Research has demonstrated in particular; Early College provides more post‐secondary access to low‐income students.

While our high school graduation has increased. Graduating HS is not the end goal. Access to the American Dream is the goal. Postsecondary education is the key to accessing the American Dream. Postsecondary access may be college, but could also be industry certifications, additional specialized training. Bottom line, more education than just the HS diploma, this bill lowers that cost and provides more Floridians access to the American Dream.

Some information I this story was provided to News Talk Florida from the Zika press office.