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Despite the scare stories, Covid reinvented education for millions like me....

By Mustafa Qureshi Does remote learning make for good learning? Most of the voices we hear from tend to come down on one side of...

State Board of Education Grapples with Hurricane Aftermath, School Security Issues

With the annual legislative session nearing, lawmakers and education leaders likely will have to grapple with the fallout of Hurricane Michael on Northwest Florida school districts and continued questions about how to bolster school safety throughout the state.

Zika Seeks to Enable Floridians to Achieve the American Dream and...

Zika was excited about his proposed legislation and he expects to get plenty of bipartisan support for the revolutionary proposal.

Greed Over Need as Hillsborough Schools Go Begging: Thanks, Tampa Bay...

The Times has reported more than 40 Hillsborough County schools desperately need new air conditioners.

Gov. Scott and Florida Legislature at Odds Over School Safety

Scott and the Legislature passed the leaders’ bill making Florida the first state to require all public schools to have armed security on site whenever they’re open.

Is The Government Our Answer to Education and Healthcare Funding?

Erik Kuselias He suggests the Government could make mandatory everybody get a yearly physical or making all smokers quit the habit. Just think what they could do for Education and what they think is best for our children. Kinda scary isn't it?

Broward School Board Takes a Licking from Dead Students’ Families

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission was meeting Thursday, also called for the school board to be voted out of office, blasting them for a lack of leadership.

Sparks Fly over Education Amendment in Florida State Supreme Court

But two decades after the groups served together on the 1997-1998 Florida Constitution Revision Commission, they are clashing in the state Supreme Court.

Does Florida Provide ‘High Quality’ Public Education? State Supremes Ready to...

But two decades later, the Florida Supreme Court is preparing to wade into a long-running battle about whether the state has adequately carried out the requirement --- and whether judges should even decide questions that attorneys for the state describe as a “political thicket.”

Education Board Signs off on ‘Hope’ Scholarships Rule

The program, a priority of House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’ Lakes, was approved this year by lawmakers and Gov. Rick Scott. Under it, once an incident is reported to a school principal, the school district must notify the student’s parents about the scholarship opportunity within 15 days or upon the completion of an investigation, whichever occurs first.