Super Bowl 55 Moves From Los Angeles To Tampa

NFL owners voted unanimously to move Super Bowl LV in February 2021 from Los Angeles to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Tuesday.

The move came as a result of the delay in the opening of the new stadium for the Chargers and Rams in L.A. Los Angeles will instead host the Super Bowl in 2022.

The two teams in L.A. announced last week that heavy rains would push back the opening of the new stadium:

Unfortunately, Southern California experienced record-setting rain this winter.  Despite bringing drought relief to the region, the rain fell during the mass excavation period of construction when no other work could proceed in wet conditions.  As a result, we experienced significant delays and lost the better part of two months from early January into the beginning of March.

In the best interest of the project, we have decided to move the opening date to summer of 2020.  This new target gives us flexibility to accommodate any additional delays that may arise while still delivering an unparalleled experience upon opening. This is a stadium that Angelenos, visitors and world-class athletes will celebrate for years to come, and we are committed to making sure this venue is exceptional from the day it opens.

Though the stadium will be open the NFL has a rule stating stadiums must be open for at least two seasons before they can host a Super Bowl.

Tampa was the runner-up for the Super Bowl LV bid and Raymond James has been undergoing major renovations in the past two years.

The last Super Bowl Tampa hosted was in 2008.