Changes Are Coming For Lucky Dog Daycare

Let’s face it, South Tampa’s Lucky Dog Daycare was going to have a hard time bringing in new customers after the tragic deaths of two dogs.

But now that might change because Lucky Dog Daycare is under new ownership. Natalie Connor is a local business owner and dog owner with 13-years of doggy daycare experience.

“If you want to know the truth, I just signed the contract yesterday at 10 a.m.,” Connor said to WFLA. “I’m ready for this. I’m a local. I’ve been doing this a long time.”

Her expertise will come in handy as Lucky Dog Daycare’s name has been soiled. The dog resort was under investigation following the deaths of two dogs within two weeks of each other. The dogs died of heat exhaustion.

Shortly after the news of the two deaths broke more dog owners came forward sharing their bad experiences at the dogcare location. There were a number of separate incidents involving injuries to dogs during their stay at Lucky Dog Daycare.

Now that’s hopefully in the past as Connor has plans for big changes. Under new ownership the location is now officially Love My Dog Resorts.

“I knew that there were changes that needed to be made, and I know what to do,” said Connor to WFLA.

Photo: Love My Dog Resorts website.

Already the sound of construction can be heard from outside the building. Connor plans to rebuild the facility the way it should be built, revamp all the rules and regulations, and make things safer with a more organized protocol.

“This is my first day, but I want to change things and make this even better,” Connor said to WFLA. “Safety is my number one concern, and I want people to know that their pets will be safe here.”

Connor already owns and operates two other Love My Dog Resorts in Pinellas County. She will not only be redoing the facility, but will be hiring people who are expereinced and responsible for the job.

“We want to offer our customers in South Tampa the very best. I want to build a portion of the daycare for senior dogs. I am starting over completely and I want people to know that this place will be even better. I am starting over completely, and I want people to know that this place will be even better. I wanted to buy this from the previous owners and they let go of the reins, so I know good things are ahead. I just want people to give us a second chance,” said Connor to WFLA.