“Dear World” Introduces Pulse Anniversary Portrait Series

Omar Delgado is a police officer with the Eatonville Police Department a suburb of Orlando. He returned to the club with Dear World after sitting for this interview. Photo: Dear World

On the year anniversary of the largest massacre in U.S. history, Dear World presented a Pulse anniversary portrait series in honor of those lost and the survivors of the attack.

Dear Orlando has been the latest project of Dear World. The organization captured images of 25 survivors, family members and first responders during their journey of healing and recovery from the shooting that claimed the lives of 49 individuals.

“Dear World honors the people who passed away, saved lives, comforted the injured and buried loved ones a year ago,” said Robert X. Fogarty, Dear World founder, said in a statement released by the organization. “I cherish the opportunity to listen and share these deeply personal stories from people who are bound by a nightmare that nobody should ever have to endure.”

Each participant in this collection sat for an interview and a portrait featuring a personal message written on their skin. They told Dear World their story and recollection of that tragic night.

Mina Justice is the mother of Eddie Justice. Eddie was killed during the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Photo: Dear World

The portraits can be viewed here and the hashtag #dearorlando can be viewed on all social media outlets.

The subjects of the collection include:

  • Barbara Poma, owner of the Pulse nightclub
  • Mayra and Brian Alvear, mother and brother of Andrea Alvear whose final moments were caught on Snapchat
  • Mina Justice, mother of Eddie who sent her text messages from the bathroom before he died
  • John Mina, City of Orlando Chief of Police
  • Omar Delgado, Eatonville police officer credited with saving the life of Angel Colon

Dear World ‘s portrait and interview style has been featured in over 30 countries and over 70,000 people have sat for a Dear World portrait. The organization has photographed Nobel Peace prize winners, Academy Award winners, and has highlighted a new glimpse into events such as the Boston Marathon and looks into refugee camps in Jordan (Zaatari).