Miami Is The Fifth Most Stressed City

According to WalletHub’s “2017 Most & Least Stressed Cities In America” study, Miami is the fifth most stressed city.

Stress can be related to a number of health issues. According to WalletHub, in the U.S. stress affects more than 100 million people. Many things can factor into the causes of stress such as money, work, family and relationships, etc.

In this study WalletHub analysts compared 150 cities across 30 factors. Comparisions range from weekly work hours, divorce and even suicide rates.

Alongside Miami there are three other Florida cities in the top 50 for most stressed cities. Hialeah came in at 18th, Orlando came in at 35th, and Tampa came in at 43rd.

Tallahassee had the lowest average weekly work hours, while Pembroke Pines, FL had the lowest pverty rate.

Port St. Lucie was in the top five for lowest crime rate and had the highest average hours of sleep per night. Cape Coral also came in the top five for highest average hours of sleep per night.

The most stressed city is Neward, NJ, while the least stressed city is Fremont, CA. Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, and Jackson, MS closed out the group of five most stressed cities.

Other Florida cities that made the list were Jacksonville (66), Tallahassee (95), St. Petersburg (106), Fort Lauderdale (108), Port St. Lucie (130), Cape Coral (136), and Pembroke Pines (139).