Fun, DIY, Last-Minute Easter Baskets And Fillers

DIY Easter Baskets And Fillers For All Ages

Easter baskets aren’t just for young kids, but for people of all ages. News Talk Florida put together a few DIY Easter baskets that people of all ages will surely enjoy.

Mason Jar Easter Baskets

By: Hello Little Home

What you need:

How to make paper tissue flowers:

  • Stack the tissue paper so you have 8 layers. Grab a ring from one of the mason jars, then trace around it with the pen.
  • Staple the center of the circle (remember, there should be 8 layers). Then, cut out the circles.
Photo: Hello Little Home
  • To make the DIY tissue paper flowers, scrunch each tissue paper layer, starting in the center and working your way down to the bottom layer. The top layers should have the most scrunching, and the bottom layers should have the least.
  • After you’ve scrunched all the layers, zhush the flower a bit until you like how it looks.
  • Stick a piece of double sided tape on the center back of the flower, then attach it to the center of the mason jar lid.


  • Paint the lids a cheery spring color.
  • Use silk flowers instead of the paper flowers.
  • Layer together different colors of tissue paper for a multi-hued flower.
  • Add a ribbon around the lid (attach it with hot glue).
  • Fill the bottom of the jar with grass before you add the bunny and candy.
  • Attach a pretty gift tag.



Photo: I heart arts and crafts

What you need:

  • Individual packs of mini powdered donuts. ( I bought these ones from Walmart)
  • Construction paper
  • Low temperature glue gun
  • Black sharpie
  • Adhesive googley eyes


  • To begin, you’ll want to cut out your shapes for your bunny out of your pink and white construction paper. Then glue them on, including the ears, nose, feet and hands.
  • Then we added adhesive googley eyes and used a black sharpie to finish the bunny off with the little details. Then you’re finished!

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots

By: Made With Happy

Photo: Made With Happy

What you need:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Flowers


  • If Easter Eggs are attached, cut to separate top and bottom of the egg.
  • Using the hot glue, glue ends of egg together.
  • Add Flowers.  You may need to remove part of the root ball of the flower to make it fit.