The Best Cities In Florida To Retire In, Orlando Ranked 4th

It’s a known fact that Florida is most commonly the destination that comes to mind when retirement is discussed. The sunny beaches and cheap living costs top the list for older Americans looking to step into retirement.

For this reason WalletHub has conducted a new study, 2017’s Best Places to Retire in Florida. The study compared 100 of the largest cities in Florida across 28 key indicators of retiree-friendliness.

Some of the data collected ranges from cost of living to health care facilities per capita to number of attractions. The sunshine state has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities and part – or -full time jobs available that were also taken into consideration for this study.


Coming in as the best city in Florida to retire in was Sarasota. The coastal city ranked first in the ‘quality of life’ rank and the ‘health care’ rank. It ranked eighth for ‘activities.’

Boca Raton came in second followed by three of Florida’s largest cities. Miami was third, Orlando was fourth and Tampa was fifth.

When breaking down the categories studied, Orlando and Miami tied for most museums per capita and both ranked in the top five for highest property-crime rate.

Also in the top ten best cities are West Palm Beach, Key West, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, and Bradenton.