Cyber Criminals from the Russian Federation Defraud Largo Business

The M.O. in this fraud scheme is such that a trojan key logger malware is the root cause. Electronic Commerce (EC) credentials are stolen along with online baking credentials by this trojan key logger malware by cybercriminals operation out of the Russian Federation. From there, victim merchants are targeted with fraudulent orders placed with the stolen EC Credentials.

The orders are shipped to residential ship locations in Canada, and the individuals there quickly reship the stolen goods overseas either directly to the Russian Federation or in some instances to locations in the Ukraine.

These individuals at the Canadian residential locations are often unwitting accomplices in the fraud scheme.

On February 17, 2014 a fraudulent order was placed with Tech Data Canada via the Tech Data’s website. The fraudulent order was placed via an established customer’s EC credentials for $59,805 worth of computer equipment. This fraudulent order was realized shortly after the order was delivered by UPS to an address in Laval, QC.

Tech Data Canada is a subsidiary of Tech Data Corporation, which is headquartered in The City of Largo, Fl. Tech Data’s Fraud Management division contacted Largo Police Department Detective Lara Young for assistance in intercepting the stolen merchandise.

Detective Young coordinated with local police officials in Canada to obtain a search warrant in order to recover over $20,000 worth of computer equipment in a residence in Leval, QC prior to it being shipped overseas. Two persons were arrested by Canadian authorities and they are continuing their investigation.

This case is an example of the ongoing efforts provided by the Largo Police Department to assist business partners operating within the City of Largo.

Source: Largo Police Department