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Dealing With Law Enforcement

This resulted in a firestorm of comments against me for taking the side of the police. Frankly, I was surprised by the push back. In my defense, I described how I was taught to drive years ago by my father, who said if the police pulled me over, to keep my hands on the steering wheel, do not argue, and treat the officer with respect saying, "Yes Sir" and "No sir."

Documents Detail Journey of Woman Accused of Slaying Husband in Florida

The state attorney’s office for Lee County, Florida, released about 2,600 documents on Monday showing the day-to-day actions of Riess, charged with first-degree murder in the April 9 fatal shooting of Pamela Hutchinson in Fort Myers. Officials believe Riess targeted Hutchinson because they looked alike, and because Riess wanted to assume Hutchinson’s identity.

Woman Sentenced For Kidnapping Infant In 1998

A woman who kidnapped a newborn from a Florida hospital two decades ago and raised the child as her own in South Carolina was sentenced Friday to 18 years for kidnapping.
identity theft

Judge Says Fired Officer Must Stand Trial

A judge ruled Friday that a Florida police officer must stand trial for the fatal shooting of a stranded black motorist, saying his retelling of what happened on the darkened highway off-ramp was "unreliable and not credible."

Man Climbs Into Dunkin Donuts Window, Immediately Leaves

A man accused of climbing into the drive-thru window of a Massachusetts Dunkin' Donuts and then promptly climbing right back out has been apprehended.

Mother Pushing Stroller Killed On Bayshore Boulevard

Two Florida teenagers are facing vehicular homicide charges after police say one struck and killed an Ohio woman and seriously injured her 21-month-old daughter while racing on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa on Wednesday.  

Panama City Standoff Sees Gunfire, Suspect Found Dead

A man suspected of trading wild bursts of gunfire with officers during a long standoff in the Florida Panhandle was found dead Tuesday in a gasoline-soaked apartment after an armored vehicle approached, authorities said.

US Files Plea Deal In Deadly Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Federal prosecutors filed court documents Monday in which an Alaska man agreed to plead guilty to a Florida airport shooting rampage that killed five people in exchange for a life prison sentence.

Man Digging for Tortoises Says He Planned to Eat Them

Florida wildlife officials say a man they found in possession of two gopher tortoises, said he didn't want to keep them as pets — he planned to eat them. Martin County Sheriff's officials said they found 28-year-old Robert Lane digging into the ground Sunday pulling out gopher tortoises at Seabranch Preserve State Park.

Pregnant Woman Says Man Punched Her and Service Dog On Plane

A deaf woman who is 5 months pregnant says a man punched her in the stomach and hit her service dog during a confrontation on an airplane as it arrived at a Florida airport.
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