Orlando Tops The List Of The 2018 Best Recreational Cities

By: Grace Carr

WalletHub published a Tuesday report showing which cities are best for fun and recreation, and which cities tourists and families should steer clear from.

Tuesday’s report, “2018’s Best & Worst Cities for Recreation,” highlights the benefits of recreational activities for consumers and economies across the country, pointing to which cities are amenable for families and active city-goers.

To conduct its report, WalletHub compared a sample of the 100 most populated U.S. cities on their entertainment and recreational facilities, costs, quality of their parks and weather.

Orlando, Florida, followed by Las Vegas, San Diego and Cincinnati ranked as the four best cities respectively. Irving, Texas; Jersey City, New Jersey; Hialeah, Florida; and Anchorage, Alaska, ranked the worst respectively.

New York has the most park playgrounds per square root of the population.

San Francisco has the highest share of the population with walkable park access at 98 percent. That percentage is nearly five times higher than in Louisville, Kentucky, at only 20 percent. San Francisco is also America’s most expensive city to live in. Residents must make $123,268 to live comfortably.

San Francisco also has the most bike rental facilities per square root of the population, with almost 50 times more than in Fresno, California.

St. Louis spent the most on parks per capita at $482 while Jersey City spent only $19.

July is National Parks and Recreation Month.

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