Car Accidents In Florida: How Long Does It Take To Settle In Court?

“How long will it take to settle my car accident claim?” is one of the most often asked automobile accident inquiries at any law firm in Florida. Well, the answer is it depends on your case. Several factors decide the duration of time to settle an accident case. No two accidents are the same. Thus, the case’s consequences and timeline may vary drastically. 

The state of Florida receives several car accident claim applications daily. After a car accident, you should be able to receive a compensation check from your insurance company immediately. In Florida, the typical waiting time for these checks is 1-2 months approximately, depending on the complexity of your situation. Your case settlement length also depends on the knowledge and experience of your lawyer. Skilled car accident attorneys have several years of expertise, knowledge of the local laws and contacts to reduce your settlement time and maximize your compensation amount. For example, in Gainesville and the surrounding areas, Bagen Law car accident lawyers hold an extraordinary reputation for negotiating with their client’s insurance company and winning a huge settlement amount in the shortest possible time. 

Factors Affecting The Time To Settle A Case

Three main factors contribute to the settlement time.

  • At-fault party
  • Degree of injury
  • Does the case have to go to court?

Let’s take a detailed look.

Who is to blame?

Sometimes it is obvious who is at fault in an accident, and the other driver accepts their negligent behavior that led to the car accident. All these cases do not take a long time and are sped up in the judicial system. Settling an easy matter generally takes less time. However, if assessing guilt is complicated and requires strong evidence and investigation, the case may have a prolonged settlement time. 

We advise you to follow your doctor’s recommendations by adhering to medical procedures and attending all necessary visits. This can provide substantial evidence of your injuries. 

The Extent Of Your Injury And The Damage

The degree of your injury is critical in determining your case’s length. Major injuries can complicate a case and may require a detailed inspection of the present and future medical costs. The case can be further complicated if the injuries lead to a long-term disability. For example, if the injured person has to undergo surgery, there may be multiple procedures involved. And if the injury takes months to heal, it will take time to reach an agreement. The reason is that you don’t want to rush without fully understanding future medical costs and your injury’s impact on your quality of life.

That means the more serious the injury, the longer it may take to resolve the case. A wrongful death claim may take even longer to settle.

Does Your Case Have To Go To Court?

Out-of-court settlements can usually be resolved in one to four months, provided strong evidence exists. However, if both parties cannot reach a settlement amount, the case may go to court. This process takes longer than an out-of-court settlement. It takes time to file a lawsuit and prepare the proceedings. The willingness of the other insurer to cooperate can also affect the timeliness of the contract. Insurance companies use strategies to delay or even deny claims. 

Why Does My Car Accident Claim Take So Long To Settle In Florida?

Legal Issues: Is the evidence weak? Has the insurance company determined that your car accident claim is invalid? It can add to  the time required to resolve your case. 

Compensation Amount: Insurance companies use various strategies to avoid paying large amounts to their clients and can often make you wait longer. 

Healing time: When recovery is taking long, it can be difficult to determine the total time of an injury.

How Do Car Accident Lawyers Determine Liability?

Florida’s negligence law is outlined in Florida Code 768.81. If you were injured in a car accident, it is important to seek legal counsel representation as early as possible. A car accident attorney will examine your case and liaise with your insurer to prove your innocence and recover a good settlement amount.