Was Brad Pitt Having An Affair?

Pitt’s ‘Other Woman’ Clears Air

Single ladies get your little black dress back out, turns out Brad Pitt doesn’t have “another woman” after all.

A former model who was rumored to have been romanced by Pitt during his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was drug back into his latest divorce, but she’s pleading not guilty.

April Florio set the record straight to Mirror UK. Depsite being pictured on websites since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, Florio said she was NOT Pitt’s other woman.

Photo: april.florio/Facebook
Photo: april.florio/Facebook

Let’s rewind to the actual connection that lies between Florio and Pitt. In an exclusive with Us Weekly, Florio had claimed that Pitt tried kissing her during a three-day stay in Greece in 2003, then reportedly poured his heart out about his deteriorating marriage to Aniston.

It was then reported that he had taken up a romance with Florio after being introduced to her by his actor friend George Clooney.

Florio denied ever speaking with the press all while Us Weekly claimed to have that interview on tape.

“He hated his wife’s chain-smoking,” she allegedly said, according to the Mirror UK. “He also hated the fact that she liked to hang with her friends or just stay at home. He liked to go to parties more.”

She also claimed that he had told her about his blossoming relationship with Jolie after Mr & Mrs Smith had been taped. He supposedly called Jolie a “goddess.”

It doesn’t end there either. Florio and Pitt met up two more times in Los Angeles and New York after Pitt paid for her plane ticket.

Florio commented on the fact that Pitt was attracted to her all while saying she turned down his advances. She went on to deny ever meeting up with Pitt and insisted she only met Pitt once at a party.

So now with divorce papers filed for the hunky 52 year old, it has been suggested that Florio is again in the picture.

But Florio told Mirror UK that she is “saddened” to hear the news of the couples shocking split and that she is tired of being linked to Pitt’s public drama.

In her interview with Mirror UK she said, “”I wish them nothing but the easiest transition into their new lives and hope that the they can stay strong with a nice support system and lean on their families.”

“I like having a private life. It’s pretty simple, don’t believe what you read,” said Florio. “I have an incredible three-year-old son who I want to protect.”