George Hamilton’s Hunting Trip With LBJ

Actor tells stories about hunting with a president

George Hamilton’s IMDB page will run a printer out of ink.  The actor has been in everything from Newsradio to The Godfather Part III, and on Thursday he talked to Chris Ingram about his career and some memorable stories from over the years.

Hamilton has seen a lot, from actual hitmen consulting on mob movies to a bizarre hunting trip at President Lyndon B. Johnson’s ranch.  The actor was invited into the president’s car straight off of a plane, handed a gun, and taken on a hunting trip with the leader of the free world.  Listen to Hamilton’s story and count the amount of things that would never be allowed to happen in 2018.

Stories about President Johnson, Francis Ford Coppola, and a long career as an actor are the order of the day for Hamilton, who talks about some of his favorite moments on set and some movies he appeared in that viewers might want to give another try.

Why was Hamilton on a hunting expedition with LBJ?  He had struck up a friendship with the president’s daughter Lynda, who he saw socially for about a year.  Because he was invited to the White House during the height of the Vietnam War, he was given an interesting view of the political atmosphere of the day.  Chris asks Hamilton his impressions of the president, one with a complicated and long legacy at that.

Most recently, George Hamilton has been a part of the ongoing ad campaign by KFC that has seen a multitude of actors play the famous Colonel Sanders.  Hamilton appears in these ads as the “extra crispy Colonel,” a joke at Hamilton’s famously tan complexion.  George Hamilton continues to work as an actor to this day, having taken his first role 66 years ago.

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