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Immigration Office

Interview: No Executive Action For Immigration Reform

The situation in Ukraine continues to get much attention, and as developments play out Wednesday


Tax Day Takes Unforgiving Aim at the Wealthy

Tax Day or Pay Day


Interview: Illegal Crossings Surge Along Texas/Mexico Border

More than 90-thousand people have been apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley in the last six months


Interview: Putin Is Keeping Obama Busy

The situation in Ukraine isn’t exactly quieting down, and Russian President Putin once again


Plan Would Change Payments For Mental Health Care

The Florida Legislature is considering a plan that would change the way the state pays to treat people


Interview: Sebelius Says It Was Her Decision

On Sunday, HHS Secy Kathy Sebelius emphasized that she had told President Obama that her sticking

rick scott

Rick Scott: Sebelius Trips To Florida Were PR Stunts

Governor Scott today made the following statement regarding the resignation of HHS Secretary Kathleen


Batman 75th Anniversary Short Film – STRANGE DAYS

Celebrating 75 years of the Dark Knight, Warner Bros. Animation have released Bruce Timm’s new animated short, Batman: Strange Days, online. You can see the short film (which pits Batman against Hugo Strange, hence the title) embedded below, along


Kathleen Sebelius To Resign

Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, is resigning, ending a stormy five-year


Interview: Kathleen Sebelius Announces She’s Out

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning from the Obama administration