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Hunter: I’m No Longer the Southern Avenger

Fly the flag but your lack of intellect is showing


Coulter: Immigrants Forcing Their Culture on America

"I'm not divisive"

jim webb

Jim Webb Enters Dem Prez Field

The Democrat field for the 2016 presidential election just got a bit more crowded as former Virginia Senator Jim Webb announced his candidacy on Thursday. Webb faces off against former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Maryland


Cuba: Give Us Guantanamo Back

President Obama announced the re-opening of the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba this morning. Cuba will also establish diplomatic turf in Washington, DC, but declared that “normalized” relationships will develop only if the United States meets certain criteria. The


#AskBobby Shows the GOP Still Doesn’t Understand Social Media

Jindal learns the hard way


Iran Nuke Talks Stall Again, New “Deadline” Set

Iran goes for the nuke


Iran Nuke Deal Deadline To Be Missed

A senior U.S official in Vienna said negotiators will not make tomorrow's deadline on an agreement on Iran's nuclear program


Log Cabin Republicans: Culture Wars Win Campaigns

SCOTUS Marriage ruling big


After Big Week, Obama Riding A Big Wave Of Momentum

It could have been a disaster week, but last week saw all the legislative cards turning up aces for the White House


SCOTUS Makes the Call, Love Legal for All

GOP biggest winner