Cruise Ship_Carnival Legend

Is Ebola Quarantined on Cruise Ship?

Another bang up job by the CDC

Ron Klain

Obama Names Ron Klain Ebola “Czar”

Obama to name Ron Klain, former Biden chief of staff, as point man on US Ebola response.

White House

Obama Convenes Emergency Ebola Meeting At White House

President Obama postponed a campaign trip to New Jersey and Connecticut to hold an emergency meeting on the Ebola outbreak Wednesday

Vladimir Putin

Putin Meets With Western Leaders On Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be holding a series of meetings with Western leaders focusing on Ukraine during his trip to Italy this week.


Study: US Drops to 12th in World for Economic Freedom

Make money. Just not too much money


New Poll Out This Morning On Obama’s Job Approval Rating

Much has been made of President Obama not showing up on the campaign trail, particularly for those Democratic candidates in tight races in Red States.


Aviation Crisis Consultant on Ebola Airport Screenings

Reactive mentality has failed America


Voice Harvesters: Governments Gather 65 Million Voice Prints

More digital bounty to be paid


Talk Back Florida: Election Countdown With Political Reporter William March

The Florida election is about three weeks away and we’re talking with Tampa Tribune senior political reporter, William March, about everything political. William March, Tampa Tribune Political Reporter In studio “selfie” with William March “Say yes to the


Vandalized Bugatti Veyron Stepping Stone in Class Warfare

Vandal being celebrated on internet is disturbing