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NFL Real Issue: Players Aren’t Disciplined Before Entering League

Family, High School, College. They all look the other way


50 Years and $22 Trillion Later, War on Poverty Evaluated

Has it flopped?


Scots Reject Independence In Historic Vote

Scottish voters have resoundingly rejected independence, deciding to remain part of the United Kingdom after a historic referendum s


House Gives ‘Go-Ahead’ for Syrian Rebel Training

The House on Wednesday voted to authorize a mission to arm and train rebels fighting in Syria

American Flag

America Falls to 32 in International Tax Competitiveness Index

Unfriendly job creation atmosphere


Once Pulling Out Of Middle East, Obama Being Pulled Back In

He has spent most of his presidency touting his progress in winding down the United States out of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Center For Disease Control

Obama To Visit CDC To Announce Ebola Plans

President Obama is planning to boost the efforts to combat the Ebola virus in Africa, which includes getting more of the U.S. military

governor Rick Scott

Is Rick Scott Closing In On An Election Victory?

There is a new sense of optimism, Republicans say, that current Governor Rick Scott might have an election victory within his grasp.


Seaworld Shareholder Sues for Fraud


White House

House To Move Quickly On Obama’s ISIS Plan

House leaders rallied behind President Obama’s call to combat the Islamic State, vowing Thursday to back his request for funding to arm