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Lucas Overby Says No To District 13 Run

The Libertarian candidate who garnered almost five percent of the vote during March's special

decision 2014

Media, Community Partners to Host Gubernatorial Debate

TAMPA, FL – April 23, 2014 | WEDU-TV, The Tampa Tribune and Genesis Communications have teamed up with community partners to host a Florida gubernatorial debate preceding this November’s general election. The media coalition will collaborate with the Tiger


Interview: Obama To Dine With PM In Tokyo

AM 820 News anchor Robert Pankau spoke to ABC News correspondent Ann Compton about the


Teacher Caught Watching Porn Keeps Job

Life is nonsensical


Supreme Court Refuses To Consider Arizona Immigration Law

The package of state laws meant to discourage illegal aliens from settling in Arizona suffered another setback


Interview: Obama Prepares For Asia Trip

President Obama departs Tuesday for a week-long, four-nation tour of Asia, where he and his top aides


Interview: ObamaCare Sign Ups Pass 8M Mark

Secretary of State John Kerry announced a plan Thursday for immediate de-escalation in Ukraine


Major US Cities using Behavioral Recognition System

AISight is here to report


Fed Chair Yellen: More Regulations to Come

Big Banks will have to carry more Capital


Interview: Four-Way Meeting On Russia/Ukraine Situation

As tensions rise over the situation in Ukraine, Foreign ministers from the United States, European Union