President Obama speaks on issues realated to Israel last night at Adas Israel in Washington, DC

Pres. Obama addresses Jewish issues at Adas Israel in DC

Washington, D.C. –  Ever since moving to the Nation’s Capital back in 1992, my wife and have been members of Adas Israel Congregation  in Northwest Washington where we have attended Friday night and Saturday morning services. Adas Israel also


Training Of Sunni Groups Fighting ISIS To Be Sped Up

President Obama will speed up the training and equipping of Sunni tribal fighters in an effort to erase gains made by ISIS


Boehner To Obama: Get Serious About ISIS

In the wake of recent developments in Iraq, House Speaker John Boehner says President Obama needs to get serious about the threat posed by ISIS.


The Elaborate Corporate Structure of the American Biker Gang

"The sun never sets on a Hells Angel patch"


White House Proposes Limits On Police Use Of Military Equpiment

During a trip to Camden, NJ, on Monday to announce new steps to improve effective policing, the President made a surprise


Obama: Limiting Military-Style Equipment for Local Police Departments

The end of the 'show of force'

Boston Marathon

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Gets Death

Chicken Chechen gets lethal injection


Branding: Jade Helm 15 Not Helped by Area 51 Type Name

Subject of intense conspiracy


Claim: Cybersecurity Company Accused of Extorting Clients

Can't fight Federal Government


President Obama Will Have Visited All 50 States Friday

On Friday, President Obama will have visited all 50 states while in office, as he finally heads to South Dakota to talk to a leading community college