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Poll: Charlie Crist More Appealing To Voters

Earlier on Your Wake Up Call, Leslie Dougher, Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, discussed the latest Quinnipiac poll released Thursday indicating that voters like

President Obama

President Obama Rebukes State Ebola Quarantine Rules

President Obama delivered an implicit rebuke to stakes that have imposed strict Ebola quarantine rules Tuesday, warning they could undermine


Obama Administration Prepares IDs for Millions of Illegals

Republicans shouldn't be afraid to discuss immigration


Regional Kurdish Govt In Iraq Sending Fighters To Kobani

The Kurdish regional government in Iraq has authorized sending Kurdish fighters, known as peshmerga, to the embattled town of


US Accidentally Dropping Food, Medicine and Weapons to ISIS

Never stood a chance

Adrian Wyllie

Adrian Wyllie Talks Charlie Crist, Rick Scott

Earlier this morning on Your Wake Up Call, Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie discussed his opinions on Rick Scott vs Charlie Crist, explaining why the two are failed governors.


Is Third Time the Charm for Mitt Romney?

Depends on Jeb Bush

Cruise Ship_Carnival Legend

Is Ebola Quarantined on Cruise Ship?

Another bang up job by the CDC


Obama Names Ron Klain Ebola “Czar”

Obama to name Ron Klain, former Biden chief of staff, as point man on US Ebola response.


Obama Convenes Emergency Ebola Meeting At White House

President Obama postponed a campaign trip to New Jersey and Connecticut to hold an emergency meeting on the Ebola outbreak Wednesday