Thursday, February 9, 2023

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The NFL Still Has A Concussion Issue

The league still is downplaying the impact of head injuries. America’s number one day party is the Super Bowl. This year’s event will be held...

Big Money Continues To Pour Into College Sports

The reconstituted Big 12 will get billions from TV and video partners. For the remaining few people who still think college football and college sports...

What Is Happening With The USFL And XFL?

The 2023 season is not far away but little information is available about the season. It has been very quiet at the new football leagues...

Major League Baseball Needs A Major Booster Shot

Baseball has been shedding fans for decades Major League Baseball is presenting its crown jewel event, the 2022 World Series featuring two big city franchises,...

Football: Concussions? What Me, Worry?

Concussions remain a very real problem. One of the greatest sleight of hand tricks ever pulled off by the National Football League, college, high school...