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Gender Neutral Santa??

Below you'll find the Chris Ingram Show podcast from Friday, December 14, 2018. The show started with former Hillsborough County PIO Larry McKinnon, who filled...

Chris Ingram fills in for David Jolly: Unbiased and Unplugged –...

On today's show, Chris discusses Laura Loomer handcuffing herself to Twitter headquarters doors in protest of her account being banned.     Chris spoke to Tom Rivers...

How Legitimate Are The Reports On The Border? – Chris Ingram...

Below you can find the Chris Ingram Show from Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Chris discussed the border crisis and President Trump's response. We also...

Florida Recount Continues – Chris Ingram Show 11-14-18

Below you can find the Chris Ingram Show from Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Chris continued the discussion about election recount in Broward and Palm Beach...
Florida Primary

The One Thing To Watch On Election Day – Chris Ingram...

Below you can find the Chris Ingram Show from Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - Election Day! Chris featured Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke (48:29 mark), former...

Sorting Out the News On President Trump with Chris Ingram

Foreign policy and defense analyst Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis joined the Chris Ingram Show on Tuesday to discuss the last week as it pertains to President Trump.  Lt. Colonel Davis starts by drawing a direct line between the NATO summit, and Monday's meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.  

Pilot Bank President Rita Lowman On White House, Tax Reform

Six months after President Trump and Congress put the newest round of tax reforms to work, the White House hosted representatives all across the country to discuss the impact and benefits of the reforms. Florida’s representative for the banking industry was Rita Lowman, President of Pilot Bank.

Is CNN ‘Out to Get’ Conservatives?

CNN has come under fire during the Trump Administration as a frequent target for the president's ire at what he dubs "fake news."  The cable network, a pioneer in television news, has few conservative voices, but one stands out in frequent political contributor Steve Cortes. 

Has Bob Buckhorn Done Enough On Bayshore?

For a long time before a mother and her infant were killed by kids in an illegal street race on Wednesday, people have known how dangerous Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa can be.  Residents have complained.  Studies have been conducted.  Until Friday, however, nothing had been done. 

In Defense of Publix’ Gubernatorial Endorsement

After a column in the Tampa Bay Times called out Publix for their endorsement of Adam Putnam for governor, is it time for a boycott?