Sorting Out the News On President Trump with Chris Ingram

Media overreaction, or did Trump turn his back on the FBI?

Foreign policy and defense analyst Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis joined the Chris Ingram Show on Tuesday to discuss the last week as it pertains to President Trump.  Lt. Colonel Davis starts by drawing a direct line between the NATO summit, and Monday’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

While Lt. Colonel Davis wishes President Trump had chosen different words in some of what he said, he argues that the media and social media reactions to the president’s summits with NATO and Russia are a bit too much.  Davis disputes the messages being sent out in the media, and think people are taking the wrong things away from these meetings in Europe.

There is a clear difference between the public statements the president made about the United States’ allies in NATO as well as his Russian counterpart, says Davis.  Public statements about America’s allies were disparaging and caused some furor both at home and abroad, but behind the scenes the president took a softer tone.  Likewise, while press conferences made the president seem deferential to Putin and defiant of America’s very own intelligence community, behind the scenes it is said that the American president did stand up for his country’s sovereignty.

Chris agrees that the “theatrics” of the president’s actions are just that, a show to continue to put pressure on NATO nations to adhere to their end of the deal and to keep dialog open with a nation in Russia who may not be an ally of the United States, but is undoubtedly a major factor in foreign affairs.  To Chris, this is another illustration of what is dubbed the “mainstream media” and its hostility toward a sitting US President.

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