Trump Campaign Can Spin Stories But Facts Remain

Time For The Trump Campaign To Stop

It’s the political season; things are going to get a bit hectic.

But when it comes to Donald J. Trump, things seem to go beyond hectic. Maybe it’s the reality TV vibe that the former reality host mogul gives off. Hey, it worked for NBC and ratings so why can’t it work on the country?

He was a novelty; many people would line up to hear him say interesting or bizarre things. He was entertaining and he brought his brand of crazy to different cities and helped the networks with their ratings. While he doesn’t have a formulated plan aside from current government is bad, USA needs to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, Trump fans have been lining up at each of the primaries and now it’s down to Trump and Ted Cruz. Spoiler alert: it’s already getting ugly. The perceived ruthless mogul isn’t holding back any punches by going after Cruz and bringing in Mrs. Cruz in the process.

But while these underhanded tactics may look embarrassing on a global scale (it’s more than likely that America is being laughed at right now), they seem to bring in more and more Trump supporters. There was some hesitation by everyone when the Chicago riot happened but fans still plugged on and the Trump campaign was able to spin it as the “riots were incited by Bernie Sanders and his people.”

It was entertaining but now it’s a mockery and more importantly it’s beginning to turn a lot of people’s stomachs with how this whole thing has played out. The reason why it’s beyond salvaging is Donald Trump’s campaign manager crossed a line.

Earlier this month before Trump’s visit to Tampa, he made a campaign stop in Jupiter. What took place that night is going to define Trump’s campaign. It may ultimately be its undoing. Michelle Fields, a former reporter for Brietbart, went to get some sound clips and possibly interview Trump as he was leaving the stage. While this isn’t out of the ordinary what happened next was, Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski  allegedly  placed his hands on Fields and grabbed her arm in such a fashion that it left her with bruises.Donald-Trump-Iowa-AP-PhotoCharlie-Riede

The Trump campaign immediately denied that any wrongdoing took place and Fields kept to her story. But it wasn’t just the campaign that began to call Fields a liar, there were others. Fox News removed her from the air and eventually she and her editor would resign from their positions, as Brietbart wouldn’t back one of their own.

But now the Trump campaign and its pundits aren’t going to deny Fields’ story any more. The Jupiter police and prosecutor have decided to press battery charges against Lewandowski. The evidence was overwhelmingly clear, from the bruises that Fields tweeted out to the video evidence showing Lewandowski putting his hands on her.

The arguments have already started about how it’s “not abuse because it wasn’t so hard.” Of course, it’s a disgusting argument to try and justify what happened while in the same breath insulting those who have suffered from domestic violence. That’s another argument for a different day.

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin

But the bottom line is, Lewandowski crossed a line, he acted in an unprofessional manner in a professional standing and he committed battery or at least the Jupiter police have found enough evidence to charge him. It’s a serious thing and the Trump campaign isn’t taking it seriously. Journalists should not have to worry about being harmed when they are covering a political campaign. This wasn’t a warzone; she was on a political beat and should have never had someone place hands on her. The fact that it did happen s

The worst part now is how the Trump campaign is now trying to twist and change their story. Of course, they’ve denied it since the beginning. Here’s the thing, while Trump may think he can shout, “he didn’t do it” on social media and everywhere. In fact, the Daily Beast is currently reporting that Lewandowski is going to be on a special interview with Fox News, with the same guy who refused to continue working with Fields. Small world, isn’t it?

Speaking of Fox News, they are more complicit in this and it’s not a good look for them. In order to show how “Pro Trump” they are in this situation, they actually had legal experts on to demean or diminish what Fields went through. It’s one of those things that should make everyone give their head a shake.

Here’s former Morris County prosecutor Robert Bianchi who was on Fox News’ show Happening Now:

“When I was a prosecutor, this was going on all the time during the political season. … You had all sorts of people filing complaints against candidates to smear them or cause problems or controversy within the campaign. It’s not something the campaign wants.

But I agree with Lis. I would be looking at all the conduct, all the circumstances. There’s throngs of people out there, people shouting things, it’s an aggressive environment.

He puts his hands on the woman for whatever reason, so you will have to hear what that defense may be. There was no serious injury here. It is a political environment. You know, it’s a contact sport. So I don’t know whether or not as a prosecutor, when looking at the dynamic, I would move forward with this prosecution.

Since when did politics become a contact sport?

There has been no record of this happening with any of the other current campaigns or previous campaigns. For Fox News to try and hop onto this process of trying to defend Lewandowski or diminish the fact that he committed a crime to Field is despicable. To try and say what happened is “part of the business.” It’s clearly not, a woman was assaulted by the campaign manager of a presidential candidate. This is unacceptable on any level and for the Trump Campaign, Lewandowski and Fox News to trivialize what happened or try and say it didn’t happen is disgusting and they should be held accountable.

Donald Trump and his campaign may have swayed some of the American people by being a bully but it’s finally come back to haunt him. The hard lesson for Trump now is that no matter what he does, he can’t run from the truth.

Hopefully, the American people see the truth.

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Thomas Fernandez is the managing editor for Sports Talk Florida and News Talk Florida. He started his career in media by covering the NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning. After covering the NHL for two years, he hopped on board the news cycle and has been covering both sports and news for the last year. He has covered major sporting events as well as politics which affects the Florida audience. Thomas is a Tampa native and graduate of the University of South Florida with a bachelor of arts in Public Relations.