Mitt Romney gives election to Donald Trump


Romney thanking Trump for support during 2012 election.

Today (March 3rd), former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney held a press conference at the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics to discuss the state of the Republican Presidential race. He claimed he wasn’t there seeking the party’s nomination, but instead to urge voters to turn away from businessman Donald Trump, a former supporter and campaign contributor during the 2012 campaign. Gov. Romney insisted Mr. Trump would be catastrophic for the country. In doing so, he unwittingly gave the election to Mr. Trump. It is no secret the country is fed-up with politicians, such as Romney, who represent backroom deals, gridlock and incompetence in representing the interests of the American people. By attacking Mr. Trump, the former governor galvanized the Trump supporters and independents sitting on the fence. Establishment Republicans will applaud Gov. Romney’s remarks, but so will Trump supporters who will claim, “See, I told you it was rigged.”  Trump now becomes unstoppable.

As the GOP Debates will be held in Detroit this evening, it will be interesting to see how the candidates respond to Gov. Romney’s remarks, particularly Mr. Trump, who will be walking into a forum where he will once again be the center of attack. This will place a heavy burden on Trump to respond to Romney and the Republican establishment, not to mention the other political candidates.

There is no telling how Gov. Romney’s press conference or tonight’s debate will affect political polls. The next few days will tell. If the polls grow stronger for Mr. Trump, it means he is leading a genuine movement of disgruntled voters. If the polls show him weakening, it means the Republican establishment is winning, which may very well lead to the party splitting. Either way, Mr. Romney did a disservice today to the party he claims to love.

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