Is it time for Reince Priebus to go?


It’s time to replace him with someone more effective, such as…

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As Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), one of Reince Priebus’ main responsibilities is to keep the party unified. Unfortunately, he has failed miserably in this regard. In the last 24 hours alone he allowed former Governor Mitt Romney to attack GOP candidate Donald Trump, and helped coordinate another debate donnybrook.

As to Gov. Romney’s acerbic attack against the front runner, Mr. Priebus either orchestrated the outburst or didn’t. If he did, he is not protecting the interests of his candidates. If he did’nt, he should have made an effort to stop it and publicly rebuked Romney’s comments which, of course he did not. Either way, it’s a demonstration of the same political incompetence the American people are tired of.

As to the GOP debates, they have become a tiresome sideshow and irrelevant. They are used for entertainment purposes only by the sensational press, certainly not a viable source for reliable news and views. They are more of a farcical press conference than anything remotely resembling a debate. As chairman, Mr. Priebus could have easily set the proper tone and decorum for the event through his influence with the media. Obviously he hasn’t done this, as the moderators continue to bait the candidates and ask superficial questions.

As the outsider, Mr. Trump is self-financed and refuses to be beholden to the donor class of the party. This has caused the GOP establishment to become incensed with the businessman, causing them to bring Mr. Romney out of mothballs.

What is perhaps most disturbing is that Mr. Priebus doesn’t seem to understand there are now two factions in the Republican party; the “Good Old Boys” big-shots who have traditionally controlled the party, and; the American populace who is fed up with Washington politics, rightly claiming it is corrupt and incompetent. This latter group is gravitating to Mr. Trump causing an influx in Republican voters.

As one small example, “Saint Peters Blog,” a political watchdog in the Tampa Bay area, yesterday reported more Pinellas County voters changed their party affiliation to Republican in the first six weeks of the year, than the Democrats. This is also happening throughout the country. Also, the Republican primaries so far have experienced an abundant voter turnout. Conversely, fewer Democrats are voting. The point is, Mr. Priebus gives the appearance he is more concerned with the “Good Old Boys” as opposed to the “Born Again” Republicans. I guess he is more interested in the ruling class, rather than what is best for the American people.

From a management perspective, it appears Reince Priebus has lost control of the party and should be replaced. I can think of no better person to do this than Dr. Ben Carson who has suffered through the Republican electoral gauntlet and is more concerned with the American people than the political establishment. His integrity is high, making him a credible high profile person to govern the party.

So, is it time to send Mr. Preibus packing back to his home state of Wisconsin? You tell me.

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