Interpreting Trump’s Speech Last Night


An important message people should hear.

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Last night, April 14th, the GOP candidates were invited to speak at a black tie affair for the New York State Republican Gala, a fund raiser. Whereas Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich focused on political rhetoric, businessman Donald Trump used the time to discuss the many construction projects he worked on in New York. This was an entertaining speech, but more importantly, it gives us some insight as to how Mr. Trump works and what life might be like under his administration.

He started with the venue he was speaking at last night, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, his first development project in Manhattan. The building was originally built in 1919 as the Commodore Hotel. By the 1970’s, it was in disarray and presented an opportunity to Trump. He broke the building down to its steel frame and rebuilt it with an attractive glass exterior. The Grand Hyatt was then opened in 1980 and won awards for excellence.

Trump went on to discuss other projects, such as the skating rink in New York. At the time, it was a government project losing millions of dollars and could never seem to be completed. After convincing government officials he could complete the project faster and at less expense, he was given the contract. To his credit, the project was completed in just four months, with a different approach for freezing water, and at less cost.

He also mentioned other projects he took over and completed. During his presentation, he made a point of describing how he overcame bureaucratic nightmares, eliminated waste, and brought the projects in on time and under budget, and he made money to boot.

If you listen to his speech carefully, you begin to understand why voters are gravitating to Trump; they understand the frustration of government bureaucracy; they know it doesn’t have to be this way, and, more importantly; they realize how much we could do as a country with a little common sense and hard work.

Mr. Trump’s speech speaks volumes of the power of capitalism, but in order to do so, you need to get the government out of the way as it tends to impede progress. Last night’s speech should be watched by a lot of people, particularly young people who misunderstand and misquote the New York businessman.

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