About Last Night: The GOP Primary in Wisconsin

Who won the primary for the Texas Senator?


Media pundits claimed Senator Ted Cruz’ primary victory in Wisconsin yesterday was an “upset.” Even better, some called it a “turning point” in the campaign for Cruz or the “beginning of the end” for businessman Donald Trump. In reality, there was nothing startling about the Cruz victory as it was a “must win” for him or face elimination from the race. Consequently, the press went to bat for Cruz and won the primary for him. The reason was rather obvious; with Cruz out of the race, their source of advertising income would evaporate as Mr. Trump is a well known skinflint who finances his own campaign.

This was Sen. Cruz’ last chance to gain any ground on Mr. Trump. In this case, Cruz picked up 33 delegates to Trump’s three, a net gain of 30 delegates, big deal.

Now reality has to set in as Trump looks to be indomitable in the upcoming New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania primaries, all of which represents truckloads of delegates.

Perhaps the only person surprised by the Wisconsin primary was Donald Trump, who had hoped to wrap up the nomination with a victory in the Badger state. The loss here will only make Trump more determined in the upcoming primaries, particularly in his home state of New York. Cruz, who has made disparaging remarks about New York values, will likely be stomped on by the voters there.

As to Governor Kasich, he didn’t win any delegates in Wisconsin, leaving him a distant fourth, even behind Sen. Marco Rubio who exited the race almost a month ago. Hint, hint.

The one takeaway I heard time and again last night was that Cruz won not because of his qualifications or personality, but rather to “Stop Trump.” So, this is an instance where the glass is “half empty,” and a shallow victory for Cruz. Without the media’s help, it is over for him.

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