News Talk Florida Poll Asks Your Opinion On Florida’s Senate Race

Does Nelson or Scott have your support for Senate?

November 6 is getting closer and closer, and as election season heats up voters all over Florida are coming to a decision about who to vote for in important races.

At News Talk Florida, we’d like to hear from you on the matter.  Today, the News Talk Florida Poll checks in on your feelings about the race for US Senate in Florida.

Today, with the election rapidly approaching, we are interested in where you stand on our state’s gubernatorial election.  Senator Bill Nelson has been a respected Florida politician for decades, but the incumbent Democrat has never faced an opponent as formidable as outgoing Governor Rick Scott has been for him in polling and throughout the campaign trail.

These two candidates have had a lot of opportunity to focus on one another, as there was no real race in the primaries on either side to contest the nomination.  Both have made their cases since the race began in the winter for your vote.  Has one of them made a compelling case?  Does the national balance of power in the Senate sway your vote?  The big day is next week, and as Floridians are urged to go to the polls and choose who will represent them in the nation’s capital we would like to offer you a bit of a warm up in advance of the election on November 6.

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