Time for a Little Stug for the GOP


Now is the time to get tough, not stupid.

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The Republican Party is being had. It is under attack from the Washington Triad (lobbyists, politicians, and press) who are running interference for Hillary Clinton in order to maintain their control over Washington. Regretfully, many Republicans are dumb enough to believe the party has descended into total chaos. Sure, there is no love lost between the remaining candidates, but that is to be expected.

Even if Donald Trump wasn’t running, I contend the GOP would still be under attack as the Triad considers all of the Republican candidates as potentially disruptive to their money machine. It’s an old tactic called, “Divide and Conquer.”

No, the GOP is not dividing, at least not yet, and the reports regarding its death are greatly exaggerated. Only idiots would allow this to happen. Party Chairman Reince Priebus should squash these rumors like a bug.

True, it appears some dirty pool is being played in terms of voting manipulation, and there is talk of a dark horse candidate at the convention, but if we have learned anything this electoral cycle is that politics is a blood sport. Yet, many of us knew this all along.

The press is having a field day making up scurrilous stories about how the “establishment” is going to divide the party. It loves tweaking the nose of the candidates, whether in the debates or on the talk shows. And they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Where have the true Republicans gone? You know, those who believe in the primaries and fair play. Instead, they have been suckered by the press and are now at each other’s throats. Some contend this attitude is caused by Donald Trump. However, they conveniently forget it takes two to tango, particularly supporters of the other candidates who have viciously attacked Trump. As a businessman and counter-puncher, Mr. Trump is more than willing to put people in their place. The other candidates, particularly Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, allowed themselves to be baited by the press and attacked Trump. They should have known better, but they fell for it.

The GOP has a golden opportunity to take back the country and correct the social engineering initiatives of Mr. Obama and the Left. Republicans are going to the primaries in record numbers and Democrats are defecting to the GOP all the time. In Florida, for example, more than two million people voted by absentee ballot or voted early for the Primary on March 15th, a record. Further, seven officially designated Democratic counties recently switched to Republican. This doesn’t sound like a dying party does it? This type of phenomenon is happening throughout the country. Like it or not, the Republicans have to recognize the huge influx of voters to the party. And this scares the Triad to death.

Instead of listening to the media who is only interested in destroying the party, GOP officials should be more concerned with satisfying the needs of its members, such as supporting congressional nominees. If not, the GOP has rightfully outlived its usefulness and it will be time to invent a new party, one that is not so naive.

What the Republicans need right now is a little “stug.” It’s what my old football coach called “guts” spelled backwards.

Keep the Faith!