Tampa Confederate Monument Coming Down

The fate of a century-old Confederate statue outside the old Hillsborough County courthouse has been decided.

Commissioners voted 4-2 Wednesday to move the century-old marble monolith off public property and to a private cemetery willing to take it.

Weeks ago, commissioners narrowly decided to let the controversial statue remain at its present site. But relentless protests put enough pressure on commission to revisit the issue.


People who wanted the monument removed from public property reject the argument of those who want it to stay, who say the marble statue is only there to honor southern heritage.

“These monuments were put on courthouse properties across the Deep South and we all know why,” said County Commissioner Les Miller, referring to the implication that anything confederate is support of oppression and slavery of blacks.

Several veterans groups did support keeping the monument where it is.

“We are asking the four commissioners who courageously voted to keep the monument where it is to hold the line,” said David Mc Callister, Chairman of the “Save Their Honor” Veterans coalition.