Man Tries To Kill Ex With Mobile Bomb Of Propane Tanks

A Haitian immigrant is the only casualty after trying to kill his ex-girlfriend at her Fort Pierce apartment in spectacular fashion.

Officials say Carl Philbert, 31, loaded several filled propane tanks into his car, and drove the vehicle full throttle into the Palm Avenue apartment building where his ex lived. The woman apparently saw him coming through a kitchen window, and warned several other relatives who were in another room.

“My mother was cooking. She saw him like coming full force at our living room, and she was trying to warn us as we were sitting on the couch, but it was too late and he had already come in and hit the window. And he drove through our living room.”

Six people in the apartment escaped through a back door just in time to escape the explosion and fire that quickly engulfed the building. Philbert was killed in the impact and fire.

All eight units in the building were damaged badly enough for 18 total tenants to be forced out. They are being assisted by the American Red Cross.