Local Radio Host Found Dead In Apartment

St. Petersburg, Fla.- A local radio show host was found dead in his apartment Thursday morning.

St. Petersburg police are investigating the death of 99.5 WQYK FM radio host, Dave McKay, age 51.

McKay, whose real name is Steve Ehmke, was a host for the Dave and Veronica show. The show aired weekday mornings from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Back in 2014, McKay and co-host, Veronica Young, were nominated in the major market category for on-air personality of the year at the 2014 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Police have said there was no sign of foul play in connection with the death. Shortly after 6:30 a.m. McKay was found dead in his apartment located at 2nd Street South, where he lives alone.

According to police, McKay did not show up for work Thursday morning. A co-worker who lives in the same apartment building checked on him and discovered him deceased.

There has not been any further details released at this time. More updates will come as the investigation continues.

QKY Country and many other supporters took to social media to show their shock at the loss of this local celebrity.

QYK tweeted out a picture of McKay saying,” please join us as we remember our friend Dave McKay-RT us your memories and comments.”

Over 300 comments were left on a picture posted of McKay by QYK on Facebook.

On-air talents also took time to remember McKay on air Thursday morning. Sharing memories of him, they fought back tears. He was a well respected resident of the St. Petersburg area.

McKay was also a contributor for ABC Action News. According to ABC, he covered community events and country music award shows for several years.

No word from Young yet, her social media has been quiet. Listeners are sending their thoughts and prayers to not only McKay and his family, but to Young as well.