Amazon Warehouse Could Come To A Site Near Orlando International Airport

Developers Discuss Bringing An Amazon Warehouse To Site Near Orlando International Airport

Amazon warehouses have been built in Ruskin and Lakeland and now developers want to build on Boggy Creek Road, south of Orlando International Airport.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, emails between the developer, Seefried Industrial Properties, and Orange County officials show a lay out plan for the distribution center. The warehouse will use vertical space with a robotic storage system that can retrieve any of the products the online site sells.

“Project Mojo” is still in the works though. The Sentinel reported that sources close to the market say it could still take months of discussions and government incentives could get involved. Sources told the Sentinel that as of now negotiators have been focused on truck access to expedite the delivery of goods throughout the area.

“Maintaining all these access points is very important to Amazon from a traffic perspective,” reads an email from Paul Seefried to Orange County, per the Sentinel.

Seefried has developed other Amazon warehouses and wants government documents to show the development would fit within current land-use rules.

“Because of the required design investment, Amazon is putting a lot of pressure on us to produce a county letter/memo that states that proposed building fits within the current Airport South PD,” another email reads, per the Sentinel.

According to the emails, Amazon would have a 15-year lease on the facility. It would be a 856,000 square feet, multi-story industrial building with total usable space at 2.3 million square feet.

The online retailer has really swept through Florida with the completion of the 1 million-square-foot distribution center in Ruskin last year. As well as a center being built in Jacksonville, Miami and Plant City.

If the warehouse gets approved for the Orlando site it would sit on more than 130 acres, said