First Responders, Family Fall Ill From Unknown Chemicals

MIAMI (AP) — Seven people, including a police officer, three firefighters and a family of three, were taken to a hospital Thursday morning after falling ill from the effects of unknown fumes at a home southwest of Miami, officials said.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt. Filipe Lay told area news outlets that police and fire rescue crews arrived at the home just before 5 a.m., responding to what they thought was a routine medical call.

The first responders also reported feeling short of breath and general weakness after arriving at the home.

A hazmat team was then called to the home where “something didn’t seem right,” Lay said.

The family included a mother, father and teenager. They, along with the first responders, were taken to a hospital for treatment. Lay said they are all doing well and expected to recover.

The officers also removed two dogs from the home. The dogs appeared to be unaffected, Lay said.

Neighbor Helen Blanco told reporters at the scene that she woke up to police cars and firetrucks, but had not noticed any smell or strange symptoms.

“Police said we’re fine,” she said. “We’re worried for them. They’re nice people.”

Lay said a hazmat team is using meters to sweep through the house to find a cause for the fumes. He said the investigation could take several hours.