Man Drives Dead Body in Trunk to Police Department

A bizarre scene unfolded Tuesday evening at TPD District 3 on North 22nd Street, as the driver of a Grand Marquis arrived with a dead body in the trunk.

The man called ahead through 9-1-1 to report having a body in his car and advised the operator he was coming to the police department.

“Once he arrived there was an officer waiting. She opened up the trunk and there was in fact a body in the trunk of the car,” said Andrea David of the Tampa Police Department.

While police waited for a warrant to search the car further, a large crowd of neighborhood residents gathered to watch as investigators worked collecting evidence. Some people were curious or excited, while others held signs and shouted “stop the black on black violence”.

Police say they don’t yet know how the victim died. Investigators are working to get a positive identification and determine if the death was accidental or possibly a murder.

Police do believe when the car arrived, the victim had already been dead, for more than a day.

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