Business Opportunity: Health Merchant

Our sponsors, Health Merchant will be presenting a pre-launch opportunity for its national Health MerchantTM Program and we invite our readers to attend.



What is a Health Merchant?

It is a “turnkey” non-inventory-stocking distributorship right to sell organic and non-GMO foods under the store and/or brand name of the Health Merchant at the lowest wholesale prices, guaranteed. Health Merchants earn 10% profit on all sales for the lifetime of their store. Green PolkaDot Box provides and pays for all operations: store website mainte- nance and hosting, inventory selection and storage, order processing, merchant account fees, order fulfillment and shipping, and customer care. Marketing and store promotion services are optional.

“Financially speaking, I believe that someday a Health MerchantTM distributorship will be worth more than a McDonald’s franchise. But until then, the opportunity to Create a World of GoodTM by teaching people true health principles and CLEAN dietary lifestyle practices is priceless.” Rod Smith, CEO, Green PolkaDot Box

There are two events to consider:



To RSVP or to request more information please call 87-PolkaDot that’s 877-655-2368.