Canadian Olympics Officials Want British Columbia To Fund A 2030 Winter Games Bid

Salt Lake City would take on the 2030 event.

The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees want to know why the British Columbia government doesn’t want to invest billions of dollars into a sure money-losing proposition. The Winter Olympics. British Columbia decided that there were much better things to throw money at than the 2030 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and shut the door on providing funding for the venture. There are just two areas vying for the 2030 winter event, Salt Lake City, Utah and Sapporo, Japan. The Canadian Olympic Committee President Tricia Smith and Canadian Paralympic Committee President Marc-Andre Fabien sent a letter to British Columbia government officials saying they were “surprised” that the Government of British Columbia decided not to back the bid. They called for an in-person meeting between all parties to get the government back on board. The letter in part read, “we recognize the size, complexity and expense of any project of this nature, and respect that the Government of British Columbia has the right not to support projects for its own reasons.”

Neither Smith nor Fabien actually respect that the Government of British Columbia having “the right not to support projects for its own reasons.” Smith and Fabien have gone public with their complaint that British Columbia won’t give them money so they could hold a two-week sports extravaganza. British Columbia is running out of time to host the games even if there was a change and money became available. Salt Lake City and Sapporo backers are meeting with the International Olympic Committee discussing 2030 plans. Salt Lake City seems to be leaning to not hosting the 2030 event. The Salt Lake City backers would rather host the 2034 Winter Olympics but will “find a way” to take on the 2030 games. Inflation problems and rising global interest rates will make this event more expensive.

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