Germany May Go After An Olympics That Could Coincide With The 100th Anniversary Of The Hitler Games

The 2036 Summer Olympics event is available.

Members of the German Olympic Sports Confederation’s General Assembly have unanimously approved a let’s go after an Olympics motion which is the first step in the process of bidding for an Olympics. The 2034 Winter Games and the 2036 Summer Games are available but there could be a global problem with Germany landing the 2036 Summer Olympics. That event would mark the 100th anniversary of Germany hosting what is known as the Hitler Games. In 2019, Berlin’s Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said Germany should bid for the 2036 event and that it would be a good opportunity to show how the event was used for propaganda purposes. But Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer threw cold water on the notion very quickly. Seehofer had reasons that it would be unwise mainly because it would harm the spirit of the Olympics. “It would be unthinkable, if we did that, we would bring on an unspeakable international discussion and harm the Olympic idea. How would people see it across the world? Germany celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Nazi Olympics?  That cannot happen.”

Germany hosted the two Olympics of 1936, but it was the Summer Olympics that grabbed the attention. An American boycott was suggested but USOC head Avery Brundage said no and thought all was well with American athletes going to Berlin. President Franklin Roosevelt supported Brundage’s position. Ultimately Jesse Owens would win four Gold Medals and changed the narrative of the superior Aryan society. The International Olympic Committee could not let go of Hitler’s Germany. Japan was at war with China and the IOC stripped Sapporo as the host of the 1940 Winter Olympics. By spring 1939, the IOC had to find a host. It did. Germany. World War II started and the 1940 Olympics event was shelved. The telling of history must go on.

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