Can The Swiss Hold The 2030 Winter Olympics

The IOC is having a problem finding Winter Olympics sites.

The International Olympic Committee is looking for an on-ice miracle in finding a 2030 Winter Olympics venue. It would seem that Salt Lake City would be a perfect choice for the group as there is some existing infrastructure in Utah that can be utilized for the IOC’s top winter spectacular. After all, Salt Lake City’s bid is still alive while the Sapporo, Japan bid has been put on ice because of a bribery scandal surrounding the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The 2030 Vancouver, British Columbia bid appears to be dead as local politicians think there are better ways to spend public money than throwing loonies at a two-week sports gathering. But there is a red flag associated with Salt Lake City’s bid. The United States Olympic And Paralympic Committee has some reservations about hosting an Olympics just 18 months or so after the 2028 Los Angeles summer event. The USOPC may be worried about approaching marketing partners for billions of dollars in revenues so soon after Los Angeles and it appears the USOPC would rather get the 2034 winter event.

There could be a lifeline out there although it may be more illusionary than real. There could be a joint bid between Switzerland, France and Italy put together and presented to the IOC for the 2030 Winter Olympics. But getting all the components aligned could be a massive problem. The Swiss government is reluctant to back the bid because there have been three public referendums in the past where voters said no to spending money for Olympic events. There is also a problem with Italy as the country is hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics and there may not be a political or marketing partner appetite to spend money on an IOC event so soon after the 2026 games. The IOC may be stuck with Salt Lake City.

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