Florida Drivers Ranked Second Best In The U.S.

Florida Drivers Ranked Among Top Drivers In U.S.

We already know that Florida is home to some of the worst interstates in the U.S. In fact Interstate 4 is the most dangerous highway in the U.S., but new data has determined that Florida drivers are actually among the best drivers across the country.

Interstate 4 feature

The data was compiled by the insurance company QuoteWizard and shows that drivers in Florida come in second behind Rhode Island drivers when it comes to the best in the U.S.

Go figure the cities with the highest traffic flow are actually among the cities that helped Florida reach this ranking. Orlando, Hialeah, and Miami were cities that contributed the most.

Now Florida would have been the number one state for best drivers if the traffic fatalities rate had not been so high. QuoteWizard based their rankings on calculations combining total accidents, speeding tickets, DUI’s, citations and fatalities.

Had car insurance been in the factoring for the rankings then Florida would not be in the number two spot. Florida has a 24 percent uninsured rate that would have surely sunk the state.

Still pretty good considering the size of Florida as a whole. Rhode Island is a merely 48 miles long and 37 miles wide and is considered one of the smallest states in the union.

The worst drivers were in Utah, California and Virginia. Here are the rankings:

1 Utah
2 California
3 Virginia
4 Maine
5 Nebraska
6 South Carolina
7 North Dakota
8 Colorado
9 Washington
10 Arizona
11 Minnesota
12 Missouri
13 Kansas
14 Idaho
15 Georgia
16 Vermont
17 Ohio
18 Delaware
19 New Jersey
20 Oregon
21 Connecticut
22 Maryland
23 Wyoming
24 New Mexico
25 Wisconsin
26 New Hampshire
27 North Carolina
28 Louisiana
29 Iowa
30 Alabama
31 Texas
32 Massachusetts
33 Indiana
34 Pennsylvania
35 Tennessee
36 Alaska
37 Hawaii
38 New York
39 Montana
40 Kentucky
41 Oklahoma
42 West Virginia
43 Illinois
44 South Dakota
45 Arkansas
46 Nevada
47 Michigan
48 Mississippi
49 Florida
50 Rhode Island


Now just imagine if Florida didn’t have the most deadliest highway, with lower fatalities Florida might have moved into the top ranking for best drivers in the U.S.