Another Samsung Device Causes Emergency Flight Landing

On Saturday night a Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam had to be landed in Manchester, England for two hours going into Sunday morning. The reasons for the emergency landing were smoke and an unknown smell developing in the passenger cabin.

ABC News was told by a Delta official that the smoke and odor on Flight 138 came from a Samsung tablet. Apparently the tablet had fell inside a seat and became jammed after the seat was either reclined or returned to its normal position. The table was underneath the seat cover against the foam that then started smoking. Passengers could smell the weird odor throughout the cabin.

The seat was replaced in Manchester when the flight landed. The flight was landed for two hours then was back en route in the air to Amsterdam, where it safely landed at 5:11 Eastern time on Sunday.

The FAA is reviewing this incident. It is apparent that this tablet is not the same device as the Samsung phone that was subject to recall after multiple faulty batteries caught fire.

Samsung released a statement on Monday, which was obtained by ABC News: “It appears that external factors contributed to this incident. This is not related to the Galaxy Note7. We have reached out to Delta to investigate as the cause is yet to be determined.”

Last week Samsung began issuing replacement phones for the 2.5 million recalled Galaxy Note 7’s. But according to The Telegraph, there have been multiple reports of the replacement phones overheating as well. In fact, Samsung has now said the replacements are undergoing “close examinations” after complaints in South Korea about the replacements non-removable batteries.

Samsung has delayed the selling of the Note 7 until October 1 in South Korea while it handles the overheating complaints, which have been labled as “completely unrelated to batteries” and are “isolated incidents,” said The Telegraph.

All in all with another Samsung device overheating and diverting a flight, it’s not looking good for the electronic giant, especially after $26 billion was wiped from Samsung’s value after the recall.