Hilary Duff Is Under Fire For Her Halloween Costume

Duff’s Costume Causing Big Stir

Hilary Duff and boo Justin Walsh are under fire for their horribly “offensive” Halloween costumes: a pilgrim and American Indian.

Over the weekend Duff and Walsh made their red carpet debut, Duff as a pilgrim and Walsh as a Native American chief with a headdress and warpaint.

Yet reactions to their costume were not what they were hoping for.

The costumes are said to be racist and are being slammed for cultural appropriation and reinforcing negative stereotypes.

In response to the negative reactions the Younger star released an apology on Twitter saying she had “not properly thought through” the costume. Walsh also released an apology on his Instagram saying he meant no disrespect. “I apologize to anyone I may have offended.”

But those angered by the costumes are taking it even further, saying the apologies meant nothing without explanation on why they are considered offensive and they way they were worded.

Of course there were supporters that defended the choice of costume as well.