Chris Ingram Program: Please Don’t Be Florida For 4/20/18

Kiddie car theft:  Florida or elsewhere?

Kurt Shriner of AM 820 News collects a lot of stories.  Among them are strange news items from around the country, and often sadly those stories come from right here in the Sunshine State.  You may know this as the Florida Man phenomenon, but this sort of wackiness happens everywhere.  It’s another installment of our favorite game here at News Talk Florida:  Please Don’t Be Florida.

In our story for today, an 8 year old boy and his 4 year old sister took the family van to McDonald’s to place an order.  The kid by all accounts drove just fine, knowing more or less what to do, but he also struggled to see over the steering wheel.  The kids learned to drive through Youtube videos, but the most important question is where did this happen?

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