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More Chilling Details About Andreas Lubitz Before Germanwings Crash

Questions continue to pour in


Law Enforcement Guard Tracks after Sixth SunRail Crash in a Week

How do you fight stupidity?

Bright house

Bright House Networks Has Been Bought for $10.4 Billion

Charter Communications Inc. is buying fellow cable operator Bright House Networks LLC in a deal valued at $10.4 billion. Charter is the fourth-largest cable operator in the U.S, while Bright House is the sixth biggest with customers in Florida,


Florida: 5 Things To Know For March 31

A mediation session is set in Miami in an attempt to resolve a lawsuit against pop star Justin Bieber filed by a photographer who says he was roughed up by the singer's security


MIT: Deadline for Mars Colony Needs to be Pushed Back Decades

The Red Planet posing colonization problems

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush still leads a packed field for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination

Jeb Bush Leads 2016 GOP Presidential Hopefuls In A New CBS Poll

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush leads the 2016 Republican presidential leads a long list of hopefuls and it will no doubt be a very competitive battle for the nomination. Meanwhile, Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton holds an unsurprising lead for

2016 GOP Presidential candidates Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are enrolled in Obamacare

Rubio, Paul and 75% Of Congress On Obamacare

It might be fun to poke fun at Texas Senator and GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz for signing up for Obamacare but he is far from alone. As a matter of fact some other top GOP candidates for the


St. Pete Woman Dies After Rear Ending PSTA Bus

A woman suffered fatal injuries after she had a medical episode and rear ended a PSTA bus in St. Petersburg.