Sharknado Not Real Firenado Very Real

You’ve heard of Sharknado, right? A series of movies in which a monstrous storm devastates Los Angeles and tornados sweeping up sharks, leaving the streets flooded and infested. Serious nightmare material…and lots of fun onscreen…but not real.

You know what is real??? A Firenado! That’s right…a tornado or a waterspout that is on fire. The Weather Channel has this amazing video that shows a firenado in action.

A Jim Beam factory was hit by bad weather and the storm sent 800,000 gallons of bourbon into a nearby lake. A bolt of lightning set it on fire. But wait there’s more!!! A tornado then passed through the area and swept up much of the burning bourbon into the air…creating a fire-nado!

The pond kept the fire contained and it was eventually put out. Some of the bourbon contaminated a nearby river as well, killing fish in the area so Jim Beam helped with the clean up costs. Insert your “waste of good bourbon” joke here…or just weep quietly.