Maduri: Citizen Patrol Program Is Not The Way To Go

We Have To Pay For Police If We Want To Be Safe

Ready for the Dark Ages?

They might be coming sooner than you think. It looks like we’re starting to farm out police jobs to volunteers. And it’s happening right here in the Tampa Bay Area.

The Volunteer Citizen Patrol Program is being used to help the Sheriff’s Department in Hillsborough County. They’re helping deputies protect the streets. But they aren’t getting paid. They can write parking tickets, help direct traffic and watch neighborhoods, Maybe they can monitor Black Lives Matter protests as well. But the point of all of this is why don’t we have enough cops to where we don’t need a citizen’s patrol?

The country is already in a panic over wanting more police reform. It just doesn’t make sense to have citizens, who don’t have any qualifications or training in protecting us–actually, well protect us. This is just another case of the cutting corners to what save a buck? It’s not good enough. How can the average Joe go around protecting people better than a police officer? They can’t. It’s admirable to think that our neighbors and friends could hop in a car that looks like it’s labelled ‘police’ and cruise around in a fancy uniform. What are they going to do when they are faced with actual real situations?

Will they stop people from getting mugged? Look, if the police need extra hands for handing out tickets then hire more police officers but it’s time to stop asking those who are ill equipped to go through and try and protect us.

If we want to be safe, we have to pay for it. We can’t do police work on the cheap. Criminals in our society aren’t half-assing it. If we half-ass our police, we’re going to get overrun. Not having to pay taxes won’t make up for living out the script of “The Purge.”